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I Got Put In The Cage By A Twisted Mind

I am back from 9 days at the WSOP in Las Vegas and it is time for an update on the Mintzy Experiment.

Billy Football found some ice cream around my place. Being the sick and twisted individual he is, he decided to put me in the cage as punishment for my sins this morning.

The Positive: I exercised a good bit in Vegas and am feeling good. I ran 13 miles last week and have been lifting some.

The Negative: I have not been eating healthy enough consistently especially on the road. I ate some damn good meals in Vegas. I highly recommend Umiya Sushi and Mushashi Hibachi Steakhouse for the record.

I am going to keep exercising a good bit. I am jogging, lifting and going to a trainer weekly to improve my core strength. It is all about improving my diet now.

Time to get my mind right and back on the right track so I don’t end up getting shocked again.