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Stop Everything You're Doing - 'The Challenge All-Stars' Season 2 Just Hit Us With A Teaser Of A Trailer And Cast Members

Oh my goodness. Listen, if you're a Challenge fan and read my blogs you know how damn good season 1 of The Challenge All-Stars was. Well, look who we got for season 2. (h/t EW)

  • Ayanna Mackins — 3 seasons 
  • Brad Fiorenza — 10 seasons, 1 win
  • Casey Cooper — 4 seasons
  • Cohutta Grindstaff — 4 seasons
  • Darrell Taylor — 9 seasons, 4 wins
  • Derek Chavez — 3 seasons
  • Derrick Kosinski — 10 seasons, 3 wins
  • Janelle Casanave — 2 seasons, 1 win
  • Jasmine Reynaud — 5 seasons
  • Jodi Weatherton — 2 seasons, 3 wins
  • Jonna Mannion — 5 seasons
  • Katie Doyle — 9 seasons, 1 win
  • Kendal Darnell — 1 season, 1 win
  • Laterrian Wallace — 3 seasons
  • Leah Gillingwater — 1 season
  • Melinda Collins — 4 seasons
  • MJ Garrett — 3 seasons, 1 win
  • Nehemiah Clark — 4 seasons, 1 win
  • Ryan Kehoe — 5 seasons
  • Sophia Pasquis — 2 seasons
  • Steve Meinke — 1 season
  • Teck Holmes — 1 season
  • Tina Barta — 5 seasons
  • Tyler Duckworth — 4 seasons, 2 wins

Hell yes. Cohutta back? Dude was a monster. Brad back? Big time win. Not to mention we get Teck, Tyler, Nehemiah, Melinda, Kendal, Katie, Jonna, Darrell, Jodi and Derrick. We're talking about the all-time cast. I know last season had Mark, but Mark is staying on as an EP for the show. I wouldn't be surprised if he sneaks his way on though. Mark, I know you're reading this, we're not ruling it out. More importantly it keeps TJ on as the host. That was always the necessity. As much as we talk about the players, this is TJ's show. And unlike the current Challenge (which I like), TJ actually has history with these people and it showed on season 1. 

Never forget what this show was built on. Partying, fighting, fighting while partying, fucking and fucking while fighting and/or partying. That's the show. That's what hooked all of us onto this back in the early-2000s. They hit us in season 1 with some nostalgia partying and music. We need more of that in season 2. No one gives a shit about what's a 'smart' gameplan. No, we want to watch backstabbing. We want to watch the love triangles and fighting over pizza. 

Now, I know some of the true 'All-Stars' are missing - CT, Bananas, etc. But, when I talked to Mark last season he said the plan was always to bring back the people like Teck that make you go 'oh yeah, he was on here first.' and then as the show grows bring back the names that we all know. So I love the setup. Cohutta coming back is HUGE. Dude was an all-time Challenge contestant. That's the first name we get before start landing Wes and Landon and those guys. Sneaky, Landon should be on Challenge Rushmore contestants. Dude is a monster. 

I'm just happy we have this coming back for season 2. This has potential and the fact that we now have a seniors tour compared to the PGA is beautiful. Bring back the favorites. We all love nostalgia, why hide it? And more importantly, Mark, when you read this, remember you didn't rule out having the No Quitters guys on an episode with TJ. Yeah, I'm begging here, deal with it. See everyone in November.