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Quite The Conundrum: How Are You Supposed To Feel When One Of The Worst Guys In The World Body Bags An Even Worse Guy?

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Scrolling in the Twitter this morning and seeing this thrashing of Darren instantly made me feel like

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But then noticed who did the said thrashing…

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Talk about being conflicted as all hell.

As much as you wanna celebrate somebody putting Darren in his place, are you really able to when it’s Keith fucking Olberman?

This is like Sophie’s Choice, except the exact opposite. Instead of picking one, can’t both these guys just go away? Forever?

On one hand you have one of the biggest squeezers the planet has ever seen in Darren. Just a flat out self aggrandizing, over compensating for an extreme inferiority complex at all times, punk.

You know that friend you have that is ALWAYS correcting people every chance he gets? 

“Well Paul, they weren’t averaging 4 yards a carry, it was actually 3.85 yards”

That guy.

Darren is like that guy on the cream & the clear. He can’t wait to jump down every person on twitters throat to correct them, or be the first to announce something. No matter how distasteful or out-of-touch it might be.

He bases his existence off of social media engagement.

Then you’ve got Keith Olberman. A guy who once was the envy and role model of a fairly big faction of adolescent boys who grew up watching him and Dan Patrick trade barbs and invent hip lingo every morning on Sportscenter.

What the heck happened?

Between then, a hot and heavy romance with Rebecca Lobo, and twenty flop cable news shows he’s morphed into the most miserable, meanest old man yelling get off my lawn on the Internet.


This guy hates everything and everyone.

Except for stray and sheltered cats and dogs which he strangely interpolates between his hate-filled tweets on a regular basis.

It sucks because he was, and probably still is witty as hell. And when he was talking about sports highlights, and not pontificating, he was incredibly entertaining.

So the question is, what do you do here? Do you applaud Keith for telling Darren how it is? Do you take Darren’s side because the enemy of your bigger enemy is your friend? Or do you just continue to hope the aliens come and take them both?

Suggestions in the comments please.

p.s.- I almost got in a fight with Darren’s old man when he and Big Cat played one on one like ten years ago. I had to film the whole thing and when Darren and his dad first showed up, Darren must not have informed his father what was going on because he thought that Dan and I were just huge fans getting our wish granted or something. After a little while and getting posterized a few times, reality started to set in. And he was not happy I was filming his son in an embarrassing light. Trying to film the beatdown and politely tell the old man to leave me alone was no easy task. All worth it though