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Call of Duty Anti-Cheat System "Ricochet" Is Coming To Warzone With The New Map

We need this anti-cheat to come out ASAP - in my first few games of Warzone season 6, I ran into hackers in 4 out of 5 games. Just insanity.

Today, Call of Duty came out with the news that their anti-cheat system named "Ricochet" will be implemented when the new Warzone Pacific theme map is introduced into the game. There hasn't been a set date for this integration yet, but I assume it's going to be after this Warzone Season 6 battle pass ends which is roughly 50 days from now.

Activision also stated that the anti-cheat would get implemented into Vanguard at a later date. Now this really surprised me because I was under the impression that Vanguard would be released with anti-cheat. So the first month or so of Vanguard is going to be....interesting.

Regardless, I'm praying this anti-cheat is finally a good one because we deserve it. You should never have to play a video game and run into hackers and cheaters constantly. Makes me think about how good we had it during the Fortnite era. No hackers, no cheaters, just 13 year olds that can crank 90s.

Ricochet can't come soon enough.