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Leave It To LeBron James To Spoil The Ending To 'Squid Game,' Officially The Biggest TV Show in the World Right Now

In case the title describing LeBron James spoiling the end to 'Squid Game' didn't give it away, there are in fact spoilers in this blog so if you don't want the ending revealed for you, stop reading please. 

Take it away Mr. James

I love how the one time ever that LeBron comes off as relatable and one of us he simultaneously spoils the ending to the biggest show in the world right now. Was this on the same level as Shady McCoy spoiling Avengers End Game the very moment it came out? Heavens no, not even close, I'm not sure anything gets worse than that. Kinda surprising he's still alive after that to be honest. People have gone to jail for much less than what Shady did that fateful day. Still gotta imagine there are people who didn't see Squid Game to conclusion yet and are mad. Fucking LeBron. 

And yes, it officially is Netflix's biggest release ever. Fucking wild. 

Anyways, Squid Game was a fun watch I thought. It wasn't anything groundbreaking on TV, but I enjoyed my time watching it which is all you can really ask for. The ending was bullshit and LeBron is right though. His math is off with the guy winning $5 billion, it was more like $39 million. but the point stands. Get on the fucking plane dude. Just go. Why on Earth would you try and go back to take everyone down? Don't be a hero, just count your money and go fix your life. Loved AD chiming in at the end, “And I’m getting my wife back, he ain’t got money like me.” Money runs the world, you can fix everything with money. That's just a factual statement. 

P.S. Unrelated to Squid Game, but Skip spending his Tuesday night just live tweeting LeBron preseason turnovers was fantastic. That's true hate. Poor Ernestine.