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Big Brain Move - New Coach Of The Columbus Blue Jackets Is Bringing His Dog To Press Conferences So The Media Likes Him More

There are genius moves and then there's this. Everyone loves dogs. Hell, I'm writing this blog sitting on the couch next to my guy, who turns 7 today. Shout out Oakley. 

I bet just putting the dog in the blog this will go up in ratings simply because people love dogs. Your day is better when a dog randomly appears at your place of work and you get to pet said dog. I don't care how old you are. You get a little pep in the step when you see a dog. But this is about more than that. This is about winning over the media in Columbus, which is fairly easy to do since they tend to focus on Ohio State football. Blue Jackets are in rebuild mode. Gone are the likes of Seth Jones, shout out Popeye Jones, and Cam Atkinson. CBJ is currently +15000 on the Barstool Sportsbook, which isn't great.

But you move on from Torts and bring in Brad Larsen and more importantly Brad Larsen's dog. Forget about rebuilds, forget about media stories about whether or not he can handle the rebuild. Everyone will be too busy snapping pictures for social media of Lady. Big brain move 101. It's a good looking dog too. Think we need to one up it though. Let the dog fire off the cannon after a goal. Let her on the ice and bench. Make Lady the mascot because Stinger is low key terrifying. 

Chase Agnello-Dean. Getty Images.