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New Adele Music Is Fast Approaching, Women Everywhere Divorce Their Husbands So They Can Relate To It

It's been 6 years since we've had new depression music from Adele. It's not fair to say ALL of her music is depressing, but after 3 extremely successful #SadBitch albums, Adele knows what moves the needle. This time? Her Divorce.

GIDDY UP. LETS GO. We had Kacey Musgraves drop a divorce album to warm us up, now we have Adele - I hope it's MESSY. I hope it's another 15 songs full of angst and sadness and misplaced hate, with an overall message that "men ain't shit and its every woman for herself." Even Our Lord And Savior Taylor Swift moved her original Red (Taylor's Version) Re-release date from November 19th to November 12th, undoubtedly as a sign of respect:


Just two gal pals making sure they get the shine they deserve. Sure, they're signed to the same label and they would NEVER release two juggernauts on the same day like this, but the 6 year wait for Adele is certainly something to be respected. If I know Taylor the way I think I do, she probably called up her old bestie Adele and said "girl, anything for you. Let's dehydrate these hoes."