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BREAKING: ESPN Will Broadcast The New Monday Night Football Playoff Game For The Next Five Years And It WILL Include The Manningcast

What, you thought this guy was going to address his journalistic integrity being questioned by getting on his knees for a potential source a decade ago?

Helllllllll no. Adam Schefter doesn't do apologies. Schefty knows how to do one thing and one thing only: Scooping the hottest news in the NFL world then shoving it down our wide open throats. 

To be clear I have no journalistic integrity, as evidenced by me using BREAKING for news that happened an hour ago, and will happily accept cold hard cash in exchange for positive press published on this new media rocketship.

Anyway, I love this MNF news for three reasons, even if the network showing the game is a known #LIAR:

1. We get the Monday Night Football music during the Monday night playoff game, which let's admit would've felt weird if any other music played as we watched pigskin while still nursing our Sunday hangover.

2. The weird ESPN graphics get one more night to shine.

3. Most importantly, we are getting the Manningcast, which will likely be on the TV of every person that will have to volume on during the game and knows the Manningcast is on ESPN2. I'm sure the traditional broadcast will still dominate ratings at the sports bars where the TVs are on mute.

If you need an explanation of why the Manningcast is the best thing on TV and how much better it will be as guys with four Super Bowls, three Super Bowl MVPs (Eli has more than Peyton), and more playoff games played in their careers than forehead jokes told on TV this year, I got two fingers for you!

Giphy Images.

The NFL Man Of The Year Award watching Eli flip off millions of people during a primetime football game is lowkey my favorite part of this gif

By the time it's all said and done, the Mannings career earning rankings are going to be broadcasting first, ad deals second, and playing a sport for decades that could have crippled them in an instant taking third by a mile. God bless America!