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I Am Staying Pat On Team Zaxby's After Having Raising Cane's For The First Time Last Week

Who doesn't love a good rivalry? Everyone does. We love Rocky v. Drago, We love Alabama v. Auburn, We love Yankees v. Red Sox, We love Liam Neeson v. literally everybody, they're all just awesome. And they're even awesome when it comes to the culinary world. You got all the Chicago Deep Dish rivalries, the Detroit Coney Dog rivalry, the Philly Cheesesteak rivalries and so on and so forth although it always seems in the South there's a LEGIT one with fast food chicken spots Zaxby's and Raising Cane's. I'd like to weigh in on it.

I had Zaxby's for the first time probably 5-6 years ago on a journey down to North Carolina and instantly fell in love. The place simply fucks. It's a fast food joint yet feels very homey with local high school sports teams and college decorations around, etc. Fantastic fountain soda machine. Thick straws for a good flow of that carbon. And best of all the actual food just tears the house down. Thick boi tendies, the slaw, the texas toast, the crinkle cut fries...they all have me wishing & praying one day they will take their talents up North whenever I see one of those 1,000 commercials watching college football. Will they do it? Probably not. Oh and did I mention the Zaxby's sauce? SWEET JESUS! When I say that shit is a bucket list sauce....I mean it's a bucket list sauce. Up there with some of the greats.

Now their counterpart has always been Raising Cane's to which I've always heard good things. It's effectively the same concept with the crinkle cut fries, Tendies, slaw, and Texas toast. So when I landed in Dallas last week I needed a quick lunch before kicking the day off so I figured let me try my hand at Cane's- I was SHOCKED when I didn't find the sauce to be in the same realm. Any sort of Mississippi Comeback sauce is, as Guy Fieri would say, good enough to eat it off a flip flop although I thought Zaxby's blew theirs out of the water. Way too vinegar-y.

Zaxby's by a billion. It's all about the sauce!