Derrick Rose Proposed To His Girlfriend On The Madison Square Garden Basketball Court With A Pink Diamond The Size Of My Head

As if I couldn't be more excited about my favorite Knicks team in years actually resembling an actual NBA squad in the preseason, we have Derrick Rose getting engaged on the floor of THE MECCA (Said in super thick New York accent to make it extra obnoxious) before the season starts. Can you get any better juju than a player all basketball fans have been rooting for to have a Mr. Deeds moment on his home court after battling back from God knows how many injuries?

Now when people think about the Knicks, the first things they will think of is a good team with great vibes, the reigning Coach of the Year, player first execs like Leon Rose and Worldwide Wes in the front office and an owner that seems to be interested in meddling with his hockey team instead of his basketball team. If that isn't the biggest win in New York hoops since the LJ four point play, I don't know what is.

Goosebumps every time they show the crowd angle

Anyway, this blog isn't about any of that. Congrats to D-Rose and the future Mrs. D-Rose, here's to nothing but happiness and health!