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Gotta Support The Team - El Salvador Fans Threw A Huge Party With Live Music And Fireworks All Night Outside Of Mexico's Team Hotel

I love this move so much. I know we see it a lot in soccer, but I'm pretty sure every single person who lives in El Salvador showed up here. Good. Fuck Mexico soccer. Mexico is 3 points up on us, El Salvador is 3 back. Really a pickle, we just need to win tonight. But this? This is what you do. You don't care about sleeping or working. No. You do anything to support the team. You party all night outside of Mexico's team hotel and you don't stop. You chant, you set off fireworks and you have live music going at all times. I mean that place looked like a legit party too. 

What I do love is the party apparently started at 9pm. That's perfect. You have two options here. You wait for them to fall asleep and then surprise them around 1am. OR you do it right before bed time. Honestly, this is worse. You can't get comfortable. You don't get a little bit of sleep with this going on. Maybe some are deep sleepers and you risk not waking them up if you wait. You just start partying and don't stop until game time. 

Whenever I see this type of thing happening, I think about the random people in the area. Imagine being somewhere on business and all of a sudden you have an entire country partying outside of your hotel. That's why I'm a blogger. I sleep in my own bed. I know what to expect. I'm not surprised by random noises like this except in NYC. The fucking honking and construction man. Shout out El Salvador though. Credit where it's due. They are fired up.