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Tony Khan Saying Raw Flat Out "Sucked" In My Mom's Basement Made Waves On Wrestling Twitter Last Night

Tony Khan stopped by Barstool HQ yesterday for a round of interviews with myself and Brandon Walker, and when discussing SmackDown going head-to-head with AEW Rampage this Friday, he guaranteed me that AEW would have the better show.

"If you don't believe me, watch the go-home show [RAW] did last night, because it sucked!", he went on to say.

This sent shockwaves though the wrestling world as if he were Eric Bischoff reading out RAW spoilers would back in the day, and I must admit - I love it. 

I truly love everything about the wrestling renaissance/war that's going on right now - it's giving us Bryan Danielson vs Minoru Suzuki and Bobby Fish vs Lee Moriarty on YouTube this Friday (as well as CM Punk vs Matt Sydal on TV) while Vince McMahon tries to step his game up as well, doing things like hotshotting Big E to becoming WWE Champion (which was great). We have surprise debuts and call-ups happening left and right, matches that are blowing us away on television, and wrestling once again has a taste of that "anything can happen" vibe that made the late 90's so successful! What's not to love?

I want Vince to come on my show next to respond and call Tony a little geek that he wants to stomp like a grape or something. Let's get back to that competitive WCW vs WWF spirit like Tony says (without AEW making WCW's mistakes). I never got to experience that rivalry as a wrestling fan, but I've watched documentaries for my entire existence telling me that wrestling was at its best then - so why are folks gettin so weird with any shots fired? 

Let em fly is what I say....and if you're gonna let em fly, please continue to do it with Barstool.