Mintzy Experiment: What Happens In Vegas

This morning when I was letting the dog out and enjoying the fresh air, I found some trash laying on the ground by my grill (sorry to flex I have a grill). 

Now there's only one other person who has access to the garden, and that person just had come back from vegas after playing in the world series of poker. Now the Mintzy experiment is still in full swing, I have trusted Ben to maintain his diet when he is away and he continually exercises if you follow his Twitter. The thing is I think the transition period from being home from Vegas was extremely hard on Ben and the result may have been to collapse into behavior we thought he had overcome. Who knows what Ben was doing in Vegas now that I know he may have brought bad habits back. I feel like he may have been taking a lot of cheat days. Ben is going to be going through some dark times in the days to come to repent. 

We will be making extreme changes to Ben's routine to maintain integrity through the holidays. If you think the Mintzy Experiment hasn't gone far enough you are corrected. We will be making much larger behavioral adjustments moving forward.