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Nothing To See Here, Just The Boston Dynamics Robot Dogs Marching In Washington DC This Morning

Congratulations everybody, we finally made it! After years of LOL'ing about Boston Dynamics pumping out our eventual robot overlords then doing absolutely nothing about it, they are now fully assembled and ready to march on our nation's capital before breakfast alongside their trainers who history will remember as the Benedict Arnolds of humanity if we somehow pull off the upset to win this war. Which we won't.

It appears the good folks at Boston Dynamics have color coded their army with generals wearing beige uniforms while the infantry rocks the traditional signature bright yellow peloton that white trash humans have been painting their Hummers and pickup trucks with for years (No offense Chaps). An interesting strategy considering robots shouldn't need to see colors in order to distinguish a superior officer. But I imagine those sickos at BD beat their dicks to the droid army in the Star Wars prequels, which clearly had different levels of command marked with paint.

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I would love to go into President Whitmore mode and say that fighting back against the machines will be mankind's finest hour. But based on what I've seen on social media the last couple of years as well as in The Social Dilemma documentary, humanity's fate is likely already doomed to be sealed by its own hand even before the machines tap into the AI that our brains rely on after suckling on like a teet for years let alone when these assholes show up.

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The end of mankind didn't begin in Washington DC on October 13, 2021, but that is where and when the war officially started. We had a nice run while it lasted.

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UPDATE: I suppose there is a chance we are using these robot dogs as our show of military strength in response to this absolutely electric North Korean video, which is a fool's errand since there is no chance you can one-up this hype video for the ages.