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North Korean Soldiers Display Circus-Like Skills That Are Sure To Intimidate The Rest of the World

Typically, North Korea’s military prowess doesn’t give me much pause. Like their city that is just a shell of buildings, it’s mostly a show. Most military analysis has shown that the North Koreans have about 2 to 3 efficient units but other than that, they are woefully unprepared for a global conflict.

When those experts said that, I don’t think they had seen this video. Jump kicks breaking literal concrete? Whoa momma. Swirly sledgehammer tricks on weight lifting branch? No mas. No mas. It’s too much, right? Lol. Silly North Koreans.

But then… then again… the fella that ran his face through a brick gives me pause. That’s a dude who simply does not give a fuck. You have a couple of those bad boys on your team and you can win a war. No question about that. Give me a squad of guys who have heads hard enough to shatter building materials and I’ll have the opposing side lifting the white flag within a week especially if you pair those guys with a couple of mama jammas who can take a slap across the back with Christmas wrapper rolls. You don’t exactly have to be Don Nelson to coach that dream team.

That being said, we have some dudes like that too. Some are even serving in Congress. 

And some have the power of God on their side.

So yeah, North Korea, we are ready too. Bring it on, pussies.