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Good Morning Babes


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It's here, it's god damn finally here! Once again, we are treated to another marvelous season of NHL hockey. One of the few things I look forward to in life. WSOP, Thanksgiving leftovers, and the beginning of a new hockey season. I can smell the fresh paint from here, and it smells glorious. 

Of course tonight's opener is a little different this year, because the Rangers/Caps are probably the best rivalry going in the league right now after the Caps humiliated that joke of an organization and bullied them into blowing the entire thing up, firing everyone, and completely revamping the roster. The Rangers actually traded for Ryan Reaves in order to attempt to combat the SCC Tom Wilson problem. The problem where he is too big, too fast, too strong, scores too many goals, and wreaks too much havoc that the team has to completely change it's identity in order to compete with him.

Hey Rangers…Boo!


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Can't wait for tonight.

PS: If you hate SCC Tom Wilson you also hate Biscuit and that makes you a terrorist. I don't make the rules.