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PK Subban Might Want To Consider Taking A Few Maintenance Days Whenever He Plays The Rangers After This Ryan Reaves Quote

Live look at Ryan Reaves outside of PK's apartment every night from now until November 14th. 

Lucky for PK, the schedule is back to normal and you're not just playing the same 7 teams 20 times like last year. I know Reaves is technically right when he says "we play them a lot". But they don't play again until a month from now. Then after that they play twice in March and once in April. That's a lot of time to keep that grudge at full force. 

But it's kind of like the slap bet in How I Met Your Mother. The waiting and the unknown of when it's going to occur makes it even more agonizing. Now PK has to go around for months just constantly looking over his shoulder for a rogue Ryan Reaves to appear. I almost feel sorry for the guy because personally, I didn't really think there was anything malicious about the hit. Reckless maybe. Definitely not malicious. But that's all just semantics to Ryan Reaves, and now PK Subban has made the list. Tough list to find your name on. Devils' locker room November 14th going to be looking a lot like this.