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The NFLPA Plans To Petition The League To Release The Details Of The Investigation Into Dan Snyder And The WFT


As you guys know, my life's goal is to get Dan Snyder removed from being the owner of the Washington Football Team. He's done more than enough to earn the right to be shot into the sun, but the NFL continues to protect him, and not just that, but wield him more power. At the conclusion of the Wilkinson Investigation, the independent investigation into Dan Snyder and the Washington Football Team, no official report was filed. It was an oral report that the NFL then swept under the rug. The fallout: Dan Snyder was then allowed to purchase the other 40% of the team giving him full 100% ownership, and then he named his wife the CEO. 

Now, little by little, emails are leaking from that investigation. Those emails brought down Jon Gruden, and earlier today we got a glimpse into some emails between Adam Schefter and Bruce Allen. But yet, still nothing about Dan Snyder. The league is still protecting him. But could that change? Possibly.



"All emails" seems rather bold, but at least they are putting pressure on the league to do *something*. I think in reality you can't just release 600,000 emails. Lord knows what else is in there. But the NFL has now put itself in this position where EVERYONE KNOWS THEY ARE HIDING SOMETHING and things are leaking left and right. They are playing a damn good game of damage control, but how long can that last? 

Goodell chose to protect Dan Snyder and now everyone else is taking ricochet shots left and right because of it. I guess the dream scenario is they both meet their demises together. I honestly have no idea what it will take at this point. We know Dan Snyder allowed so much terrible shit to go on within the walls of his football team, we know the NFL knows it, and they have covered it all up. I don't know what it will take, but once again we have smoke and we're just hoping this is the time we get fire.