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More Emails: Adam Schefter Sent Bruce Allen Unpublished Articles And Allowed Him To Add Or Change Things In Them


Ah, to wake up and see more nonsense around the Washington Football Team, a tradition unlike any other. 

Today's leading story is 10 years ago, Schefter sent Bruce Allen an unpublished story and asked if anything needed to be added, changed, or tweaked. 

Is this a big deal? My initial instinct was both "ESPN LIES!" and "nah". Like yeah, this is classic "please be my friend and give me the scoops and I'll let you control the narrative" stuff. But on the other hand, idk, 10 years ago Schefty was trying to become a big swinging dick in the world of NFL reporting and you gotta do what you gotta do in order to gain the trust of the front offices so you get the scoops. So what, he let Bruce Allen alter some language in some story? Big whoop, I would say. Are there some highly questionable journalistic morality things going on aplenty? Sure, absolutely so. But I would assume reporters close to teams do things like this to stay on the inside all the time.

The bigger fish to fry here is who will these emails come for next??? First Gruden, now Schefter, who is next? Hopefully, you know, Dan Snyder. Just bring down the evil emperor, no need to go after the jesters.