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Oh my God.

I still can't breathe or stop smiling. I'm so damn happy.

Whenever this Braves season ends will be the time to really gather all my thoughts and reflect on the totality of what Atlanta has been able to do this season with all the bad cards it was dealt. Right now, the Braves are back in the NLCS for a second consecutive year and it's time to go do some more damage.

This really felt like one of those classic Braves Postseason games where you were just waiting for the wheels to fall off. There was the atrocious missed call on Duvall's supposed popout. Then the Braves tie the game at 2-2 only for Rowdy Tellez to hit another massive jack in this series and give the Brewers their two-run cushion back. But Atlanta, as it has all season, just kept battling.

And then what can you even say about Freddie Freeman? I'm so happy for him and every Braves fan. Despite some dumbass shit I may or may not have said earlier this year, Liberty Media needs to hand him a blank check on Christmas Day — or before, I don't really need the symbolic gesture — and tell him to fill it out.

As someone who was born in 1997, I really believe that homer was the best Braves moment of my lifetime. Last season was the first time since I could remember that we even made the NLCS, so I feel like the enormity of this game pretty much makes it No. 1.

I don't want to speak too soon, but the Braves just have that feeling about them. I'll let y'all decide what that means to you, but they feel like a team that could mess around and do something really special. Let's hope so.

Go damn Braves.