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Jersey Jerry Opens Up About His Past And It May Be Must Watch

Shout out to Jersey Jerry, We are filming every week for Rough N Rowdy and this is what we filmed week one. Showing us where he came from the bad things he got into and how he got help. It was cool to see him reconnect with people and see how happy everyone was for him. Seeing that side of him and I think this video can open up a lot of eyes because a lot of the time we are just in our own worlds and our own problems. Once you step out of that world for a second and see someone else's situation it makes you appreciate things a lot more. Some people don't have it easy and have harder situations growing up. I know People think I am a moron and I'm not looking for praise but once I joined Big Brother Big Sister and have been mentoring It really opened up my mind and every day is a blessing. The world doesn't only revolve around your problems and the smallest thing can make someones day. Alrght Ill go back to saying some dumb shit. I love you guys thanks for watching. It was always Jersey Jerry.