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Good To See Texas Basketball Practicing The Important Things This Early, Namely Blasting ‘One Shining Moment’

Hard to imagine anything going wrong for a top-5 team once you hear this. Listen a couple things are true. I love One Shining Moment with all my heart. Great song, especially when it's Luther Vandross. Shit, my mother made it my mother-son dance with her at my wedding. Also, Chris Beard has done this move before and it ended poorly - most notably at last season's Big 12 Tournament. 


They lost by 1 to Texas. Tough beat. Not as tough as this though. 

I know it's weird to say because we're so used to Texas football being overhyped and its basketball team fizzling out. But this Texas team is fucking awesome. Legit debate if they are preseason No. 1 in the country coming into the year. You massively upgrade from Shaka Smart to Chris Beard, who is legit arguably the best X's and O's coach in the country. Shaka was never set up to be successful at Texas. But you also bring back Courtney Ramey, Andrew Jones, Brock Cunningham and Jase Febres. You then add in Marcus Carr (Minnesota), Devin Askew (Kentucky), Dylan Disu (Vandy), Tre Mitchell (UMass), Christian Bishop (Creighton) and Timmy Allen (Utah) as transfers and this is how you end up as the preseason No. 1 or 2 team in the country. 

Just to show how deep they are, seven of them scored double digits last season. I know it's weird to rely on transfers, but when you are bringing in these versions of transfers it's a little different. I tend to be skeptical of the up-transfer. By that I mean the low-major player who put up big numbers, going and expecting to be a big time player at a high-major. That rarely works out. This though? You're bringing in established guys from power conferences. 

So I get that there are expectations and a legit chance at winning the NCAA Tournament. Howevah, you might want to wait until March to play this song out loud at a practice. Just play it safe. Because guess what? All it takes is one upset and this is going to be brought up all over the place. My only complaint is if you are going to play this song out loud in October, go all in. Practice cutting down the nets. Practice celebrating a national title. Get me to next month already. 


Obligatory One Shining Moment Video, let's just go with 2012 for no reason in particular.