The Mets Don't Deserve A Manager Like Buck Showalter And Need To Keep Their Filthy Hands Off Of Him


I want to make this very clear to the New York Mets and their front office. Keep your dirty, filthy hands off of Buck Showalter. You can do some window shopping, but do not event think about bringing him in as manager. It has nothing to do with him, it has everything to do with the Mets. They don't deserve him. He hasn't managed since 2018 after wrapping up his Orioles career and has been doing a few different TV gigs, a nice cozy lifestyle for the 64-year old. But recently his name has popped up in connection to some managerial vacancies with the Padres and now the Mets. 

Britt Ghiroli of The Athletic wrote a piece where Buck said he would pick up the phone if the Mets called him about their manager job. That is fine, I'm sure he'd listen to anyone, but that is a job he needs to stay far, far away from. San Diego would be perfect for him and I wrote that last week when they fired their manager. Much like the Dusty Baker situation in Houston, San Diego needs a veteran guy to help steer the ship of super talented players and I think Buck could bring a lot to the team. They are a MUCH more desirable destination than the Mets. 

Clem already blocked me for it, but I don't need to see Frank go ape shit over every pitching change Buck makes in the 7th inning of a game in April, that's the first thing. I've seen that fanbase eat each other alive 3 games into the season, I won't allow them to take down Buck. Second thing is the Mets consistently can't get out of their own way. If it's not a major collapse during the season it's their owner tweeting about stuff, if it's not that it's their GM getting a DUI, if it's not that than it's another off the field scandal, if it's not that it's the players giving a thumbs down to their fans. There is WAY too much shit that goes on with the Mets for a guy like Buck to have to deal with. Every time you open the bird app there is new news about the Mets and what they're doing wrong. Why would anyone want to join that circus? If he wanted to stay with a circus he'd still be in Baltimore.

He's older, his time to finally win that World Series is running out, does anyone really think the Mets are in an actual position to win? Which direction are the Mets going? They can't get out of their own way, their generational pitcher can't stay healthy, their owner is more worried about Twitter than he is the product on the field, it's too much for a baseball guy like Buck to deal with. I want him to go to cool, calm San Diego and turn that team into a World Series caliber squad because they aren't very far off. Sure they were the worst team in baseball down the stretch, but they have more pieces than the Mets even though they play in a tougher division. 

Stay away from the circus Buck, it won't be fun, it won't be the missing World Series title you're looking for, and you don't need that headache. And to Steve Cohen and the Mets, keep those filthy paws off my liver spotted Buck.