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Christian OnlyFans Model Claims She and Her Husband Have '3-Somes with God.' And People Have a Problem with That for Some Reason.

Source - An adult model who makes millions selling racy content on OnlyFans has been slammed for saying that God encouraged her to strip online. 

Nikita Marie, 45, from Colorado, has claimed to make as much as £1.3million a year selling X-rated pictures of herself, insisting that God has encouraged her to 'celebrate her body and sexuality'. 

Appearing on This Morning today, she said God's presence in the bedroom helps she and her husband have more 'passionate' sex with each other - insisting it's not 'profane, but spiritual and sacred'. 

Viewers criticised the model for being 'utterly degrading about the Christian faith', with several calling the segment 'offensive' and an 'insult' to any religion which worships God. ...

'To give a voice to a woman who claims to have threesomes with God has to be the worst insult to Christians you could ever have made. Do you think we were entertained by this??' ...

Nikita considers herself a Christian, but does not believe in organised religion - explaining that she 'invites God into her bedroom' every night. 

'I made a commitment that God was going to be in our sex life,' she said. 'I knew if I have God's blessing in all areas of my life, it would be even better, so I invited him to be part of everything.  ...

'I'm sure you've all seen The Notebook and the passionate love scenes and honestly, I could say that every time I have sex, it is that passionate, because God is in the bedroom with us.'

By now I should probably know better than to weigh in on this. As a general rule, sports, pop culture, and satire humor sites should stick to the same rules as Thanksgiving dinner. Give all matters of politics and religion a good leaving alone and stick to talking about how great the side dishes are. 

But to be fair to me, which I always try to be, this one involves sex, so it's fair game. 

On the one hand, I'm a Christian just like Nikita Marie, which means I should probably be deeply offended by this. On the other hand, about 50% of the New Testament is devoted to telling us we're not supposed to be all holier-than-thou about such things. "Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone" and "Judge not lest ye be judged" and all that. And they were said by the One who had every right to feel superior, and didn't. 

On the other, other hand, I'm a very specific brand of Christian you might have heard of, what is known as a "Catholic." More specifically, an Irish Catholic. So I was raised to believe that everyone has their particular set of needs, wants and desires. And to treat them all with the same amount of shame and embarrassment. 

So I'm trying to put myself in her husband's shoes, and I just can't see any way this would be a positive for me. I believe in an afterlife. And the last thing I want to think about when I'm having the intimate times is my deceased loved ones being aware of what we're up to. Or the depravity going on in my head. The very thought of that is the worst, most instant form of E.D. you can experience. The idea of the Almighty being involved is infinitely worse. Even if you're married so the Bible says whatever you do together is cool. 

Not to mention, the very act of a 3-way seems like it would be fraught with peril under the best of circumstances. You're naturally going to have to deal with performance anxiety. Feelings of inadequacy. Wondering if she likes him more than she likes you. It's funny Nikita mentions "The Notebook," because being Guy No. 2 in a MMF combo platter would be impossible to take if Guy No. 1 was Ryan Gosling. Or even old James Garner, because he was a mensch. Now picture sharing your marital bed with the maker of Heaven and Earth. Of all things visible and invisible. Try competing with THAT for your wife's attention. 

"Hey honey I brought you some flowers just to show how much I love you."

"Wow, that's really nice. Did I mention that I invented flowers? And the ground that they grow out of? In six days? But you stopped at the produce section of Trader Joe's. Awesome." (Note that this is more of the Old Testament God. The one who was less about forgiveness and redemption, and more about flooding the planet, wiping out Job's family and giving him boils. I picture that God being really sarcastic sometimes.)

I guess ultimately I'm going to have to come down on the side of cutting Nikita and her husband some slack. If praying is their foreplay and bringing their Creator metaphorically into their lovemaking is their roleplaying? It's not for any of us to say they're out of line. And from the sound of it, her method is working for a lot of people, since 1.3 million pounds works out to almost exactly $1.5 million. There's a demand for sexy Christian content on OnlyFans, and she's filling that void apparently. 

Personally, I'll stick with the guilt and shame, because it's always worked for me. And because I don't want to go to Hell for eternity just for one lousy post. But Ms. Marie's public has spoken.