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RIP To The Steelers Fan Whose Ashes Were Spread At Heinz Field On Sunday

From KDKA Pittsburgh:

"PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Following the Steelers’ victory over Denver, Heinz Field crews and first responders found themselves dealing with an unusual situation. 

Crews say someone spread a relative’s ashes partially in the stands and on the edge of the field. 

The Steelers have said they are aware of the issue and do not condone it.

They are also working with local authorities to learn more.

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, ashes are not permitted to be spread anywhere without the property owner’s permission."

"Unusual"? Imagine how many thousands or even millions of Steelers fans have said at one point when they're around the fire or had a few too many "When I go, I wanna be spread at Heinz so I can have front row seats for my Steelers" or something to that affect? 

Hand up - I have. I understand the Steelers have to say they "do not condone it". You can't legally I'm sure invite every Yinzer or Steelers fan to dump their relatives ashes all over the stadium. Not too sanitary I imagine. But I cannot imagine doing anything besides paying my respects to a fellow Steelers fan I see spreading a few ashes at a place that meant so much to them. You're watching a version of a funeral and you decide to alert the authorities? You should have to turn in your Terrible Towel.