Dumbest Couple In Europe Got Busted For Cheating At The London Marathon Thanks To Twitter

[DailyStar] - Monika Czarnecka, 41, and her husband Piotr, 42, caused a frenzy after they were photographed wearing the same number (11250) on Sunday, October 3.

It later emerged that only Monika was authorised to take part in the event and that her husband, who could be seen running right beside her, had copied it so he could support her.

"This was my first marathon and I needed Piotr's support because I was worried sick that I wouldn't be able to finish it."

Her partner Piotr confessed that he was unable to obtain a place in the marathon after missing out on the ballot.

This is dumb for so many reasons. First off, who is willingly running a marathon just to support someone? No thank you. Marathon running is something I never understood. 26 miles is too goddamn far for one person to willingly run. Second, maybe, MAYBE don't run right next to the other person with the same exact number. Mix it up a little. Run a little behind the person. It's 2021, there are cameras quite literally everywhere. Run behind and just yell, blend in a little. It's really not that hard to find ways to do this without being the dumbest couple in the world.

I will say, credit to the guy for taking blame. He knows he's in trouble with his wife. 

He said: "It was all my idea and I take full responsibility for it. I know it's wrong and I'm truly sorry, but I did what I did to support my wife."

That's a man throwing everything out there to try and be happy at home. Clearly it's her fault. Everyone knows it's her fault. She was probably nagging him about how she is going to run the marathon and he won't be there with him. Gonna guess he would have done the smart thing and drank some beers waiting for her around the finish line. So he decided fuck it, I'll just run too. No doubt this is how it played out. 

Also if you're going to cheat at a marathon, cheat the better way. Just get in the car and go drink and then finish. Marathons, not for me. Shout out my Dozen teammate Dante though. Maybe completing the marathon will help him answer questions correctly.