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The Battle of the Advisors: Everything You Need to Know Ahead of Today's Stool Streams LXX, Live at 3 PM ET

Welcome to Week 3 of our Rock, Paper, Scissors competition. Today, we have a $2,000 Progressive Jackpot on the line and all you have to do in order to be eligible is download the Play Barstool app and take 30 seconds to make your picks. If you happen to go 6-for-6 on your selections, the cash is yours. In this blog, we are going to preview each of the three matches and hopefully give you an edge to cashing in today. But first, the rules of Rock, Paper, Scissors inside Stool Streams Stadium:

- Each match will be best 2-out-of-3 sets, first to 7 wins (no win by 2)

- Players must say "Rock, Paper, Scissors" out loud and keep their throw under the table at all times

- Players must maintain eye contact throughout the duration of each throw

- Each player has one timeout per match

Match 1 - MRags (1-1) vs. Big Ev (0-0)

Storylines: Our opening match today features a RPS veteran against a RPS rookie. MRags will take centerstage and play for the third straight week, while Big Ev makes his RPS league debut today. However, Big Ev obviously has plenty of experience inside the Triple S, as he was last year's $10,000 Jenga Champion. Which of these two Yankee fans will come out on top today?

Match 2 - Feitelberg (0-1) vs. Kelly Keegs (0-0)

Storylines: There is nowhere to go but up for John Feitelberg. In his first match two weeks ago, he was on the wrong side of history, losing 7-0 in the second set against Vibbs. On the other side, it's Kelly Keegs making her debut. The big question with her is how she will bounce back after being the one who was responsibly for breaking the Fleming Curse a few weeks ago.

Match 3: Weather Girl Hannah (0-0) vs. Tommy Smokes (1-0)

Storylines: Our main event this afternoon features a pair of competitors who are on the Barstool Sports Advisors show. Tommy Smokes puts his undefeated RPS record on the line against Weather Girl Hannah, who makes her Stool Streams career debut. The questions I have ahead of this match are how much will Tommy use his mind games in the match, and will Hannah fall for his tricks?