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It's Lunacy There Was No Official Report From The Dan Snyder Investigation, The Same Investigation The Jon Gruden Emails Stem From





This is one wrinkle of the Jon Gruden story that isn't getting enough press. Thankfully I despise Dan Snyder and want to bring it further to light- the fact that after his year+ investigation, they released zero report on him, gave him a slap on the wrist, and then allowed him to BUY THE OTHER 40% OF THE TEAM. HE GOT MORE POWERFUL AFTER THE INVESTIGATION THAN BEFORE. He also then named his wife CEO. So the outcome of all the investigations into how Dan Snyder allowed sexual assault in his doors was the Snyder family took more control of the franchise. Maximum control.

Remember- at the end of the investigation, no report was filed. The NFL swept it under the rug. The Gruden emails (as far as I understand) are from that report. And now remember this- when the minority owners wanted to sell, they threatened to release the "more serious shit".



Which to me implies the NFL knows about it too. They know the "serious shit".

Am I being a little Charlie Kelly here, trying to connect dots? I guess a little bit. But I'm also no dummy. The NFL does not care about the bad shit that happens with Dan Snyder's football team. Bruce Allen was his right hand man for years, is heavily involved in the Gruden emails, but somehow Snyder skates on by. It's lunacy. Just lunacy.

I do think one day all this smoke will catch up to Dan Snyder. It has to. It simply doesn't make sense that it wouldn't. But who knows. This is the NFL. We know how they operate, and this is just another notch in Dan Snyder's belt. Short of straight up murder, I don't know what it'll take to get the team out of his hands. And hey, if that really is what it takes….


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