Video: The World Is At War With Wild Hogs

This video is like a lost tapes horror movie. The slow approach, the friendly waddle, then the spinning camera with audio that causes your imagination to go wild. The thing is attacks like these are very common. 

Though this is a Warthog and not one of the swine that currently inhabit the southeastern united states 

Feral hogs are a huge problem, and this viral video goes to show how aggressive swine can be in general.

People forget what these pigs did to Shakira!

It is a global phenomenon, it is even happening in Hong Kong.


I have attached a video on how to survive a feral hog attack.

You think that this is a problem you will never have to deal with, but their numbers grow every year. Thank you to the brave hog hunters on the frontlines dealing with the swine threat. 

h/t hank