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The Georgia Southern Bus Chugger Has Been Cut

After serving a one-game suspension the infamous country singing, beer-chugging, bus surfing, defensive tackle Gavin Adcock played against Troy.

After recording 0 tackles, and posting this story to his Snapchat, 

He was removed from the team by the new interim head coach. I have to say having cock in your last name and making a let ya cock out joke is pretty funny

Now it was probably the combination of losing a close game, not performing that well in said game, and cocky Snapchat before the game that got him kicked. The guy was on a short leash, and he kept pushing the envelope. Now he has a lot of time to focus on his country music career. Though this publicity from his stunts was the catalyst to end his football career, hopefully, it can launch his music. As a Big J journalist, I thank him for the story so I can write about it and do my job. I am in some ways indebted to Gavin Adcock so I will pump his music as much as I can.