100% Fair Move - Tim McGraw Jumped Off Stage To Get In The Face Of People Booing Him For Forgetting Words To His Own Song

(Go to about the 10 second mark)

[TMZ] - Tim McGraw's sending a pretty menacing message to his fans -- boo me, and I'm gonna get in your face, which is exactly what he did to a couple ... bringing his concert to a grinding halt.

Some folks in the crowd thought his voice sounded off, but also ... he forgot some of the lyrics. You can see at first Tim waves off the criticism, but then he seemed triggered ... as he stood up, stuck out his chest and stared down the hecklers.

Listen fair is fair here. If you're a fan there to see Tim McGraw play his hits in the fine city of Reno, Nevada, you better hear the correct words. You don't want some random moments of silence or hearing made up lyrics. No, you want to hear Tim McGraw do Tim McGraw things. At the same time, if you get booed you have every right to get in the face of people in the crowd. Hey, do you know how hard it is to remember the words to every single song? Granted they are your songs, but still. 

And for those saying hey, I didn't know Tim McGraw had this sort of anger in him, you must not have seen Friday Night Lights. 

Gotta give it to Tim here. He played an AWESOME old school Texas football dad. That's Odessa, Texas right there. But now I'm starting to think this is just a little bit of Tim being Tim too. Jumping off the stage and puffing your chest out is a bit of a lunatic move. I respect it, but there's some craziness behind that. It's your show after all. Just make fun of them. Turn into a comedian because everyone there will laugh, they are your fans. 

Back to FNL though. What a movie. It's my favorite football movie and I liked it more than the show actually. So many great quotes, the fact that Mrs. Taylor and Buddy Garrity had roles in both. Just beautiful. Not to mention, Explosions in the Sky is an all-time band for the movie. Yep, this is where the TV theme song came from. 

Still think that was one of the biggest snubs from the Dogwalk TV theme song draft. Anyways, Tim McGraw will fucking get in your face if you boo. This is your warning. 

PS: This is the best song with Tim McGraw