Will Ferrell And Paul Rudd's New Series Looks WILD

A psychiatrist begins to implant himself into the life of one of his patients.

This dark comedy series is based on a podcast of the same name, which is based on a WILD true story. Just like the trailer suggests, a shrink named Isaac Herschkopf manipulated one of his clients, Martin Markowitz, into making him the president of his fabrics company, into signing over his house to him, and to putting money into a Ponzi scheme. At one point, the Markowitz was living in the guest house of his own property while Herschkopf lived in the big one. Herschkopf also manipulated Markowitz into cutting himself off from his entire family, so that he could only turn to his trusty shrink for help. 

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This is obviously a monster comedy duo in Ferrell/Rudd and a true comedy trio if you count Hahn as well. All three of them have solid dramatic chops that are wayyyyy overshadowed by their comedic talent too. The combination of that talent, that story, and the fact that Michael Showalter(Wet Hot American Sumer, The State, The Big Sick) ran the show has shot this series to the top of my most anticipated list.