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Ron Rivera Is Upset He Won The Division Last Year Because Now Fans Expect The Washington Football Team To Be Good


Well that's certainly a thing that Ron Rivera said live on radio this morning. "We should have been worse so people didn't expect us to be good". Possibly the biggest loser-mentality quote from a coach I've ever seen. "This is hard". Yeah no shit bucko, you signed up to be the coach of the Washington Football Team, did you expect gumdrops and roses? Ponies and petunias? Hell no. Your boss is Dan Snyder, nothing gets to be fun. And boy oh boy Rowboat Ron is feeling the heat today. The defense is terrible and he has no intentions of turning it around.



The thing is, yeah, we expect the team to be good. Like, my heavens, how is this even a thing I need to lay out? After winning the division (albeit at 7-9), the team added pieces on both sides of the ball to get better. Is it SO much to ask that they at least COMPETE to win games? Instead of getting the god damn doors blown off while the defense flounders in the bottom 5? Is it so insane to ask of Ron, who has watched the defense give up 50% of 3rd down conversions, to even consider something might need to change in order to compete? Nope. Why? Because it's hard. Ah yes. Welcome to Washington. Where in year two on October 12th, you more or less throw your hands in the air and wonder if you should take the USC job.

Just another year in the life of a WFT fan. Our coach says football is too hard and we signed Ryan Fitzpatrick so we could draft a LB who plays a dozen snaps a game. Now we get to play Mahomes, Rodgers, and Brady in 3 of the next 4 games. Wonderful. Next year though. Next year is our year.