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The First Trailer For The New Home Alone Movie Is Here (Yes, There Is A New Home Alone Movie)

Max Mercer is a 12-year-old boy who is grounded and left home alone for the holidays when his family goes on a trip to Japan. Now he must work to defend his home from a married couple who arrives there to steal a priceless heirloom.

This was an interesting trailer. I chose the word "interesting" carefully because this didn't look particularly good or bad. 

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There very obvious hesitation with this movie is that the original Home Alone (and the second one to a lesser extent) is a Christmas classics. Great movies that had something to offer to both the parents and the kids watching them. Everything after those two, though, are garbagio.

I'd venture to guess that the person reading this right now didn't even know that they made not one, but TWO more Home Alone movies after 'Home Alone 3'. I'd also guess that your name is Matt, Chris or Mike. Did I nail it or what? Anyway those movies went off a crazy cliff after the second instalment, starting with the kid having to retrieve a nuclear missile chip from terrorists. 

The last two movies were made-for-television movies that didn't really have a lot of thought or care poured into them, though, so I don't wana lump this sequel in with those. This is made by the mouse himself and has some big names attached. The new kid, Archie Yates, was hysterical in 'Jojo Rabbit'.

Rob Delaney is really funny, as is Ellie Kemper, but I'm not sure if this trailer did them justice or if they're sort of simplifying their acting for the sake of this being a kids movie. This movie also has small roles from great comedic actors in Pete Holmes, Keenan Thompson, Timothy Simons, Chris Parnell and Andy Daly. It also, as you saw, had Devin Ratray reprising his role as Buzz McCallister, who is now a cop (which makes almost too much sense). It will also feature Macaulay Culkin in a small cameo too at some point. 

I think there is a couple ways to look at this trailer and at this movie in general. The first is that this is obviously a kids movie, and it's going to be built for their enjoyment. Maybe looking at this movie through adult lens isn't right! 

On the other hand, Disney is making this with the obvious intent on capitalizing on the notoriety the name HOME ALONE has with adults that now have kids of heir own, and the nostalgia that comes with it. So I think there is a slight responsibility for them to appeal to both sides of the coin here. 

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This movie was directed by Dan Mazer, who is a childhood friend of Sacha Baron Cohen and producer/writer on almost all of his movies. He also directed 'Dirty Grandpa'(The De Niro/Efron grandpa one not the Knoxville grandpa). You might be thinking that he seems like a weird choice….and you'd be right. I don't totally get it either, but we'll see,