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Toughness And Grit Personified - JR Smith Stepped On A Bee Hive On His 3rd Hole Today, Got Treatment And Kept Golfing

Fucccckkkkk this. Stepping on an entire ass bee hive is one of the worst sounding things ever, just behind breaking your kneecap. I don't know why but hearing broken kneecap always freaked me out. Now as someone who typically hits the ball not in the fairway I gotta worry about stepping on an entire bee hive. No thanks. But this is JR Smith we're talking about. He joins the likes of another great bee sting survivor. 

But JR Smith bounced back. Sure he may have gotten a double bogey on this hole, but that doesn't count. He should get at least a stroke removed for having to deal with this tragedy. But he bounced back with a par (and a couple bogeys, because he's one of us). 

This is how you know JR is taking this serious though. The man is worth millions of dollars. If you step on a bee hive, you just pack it up and go home, especially if you're not playing well. But JR is out here grinding. Following up that 83 and 78 with this bee attack. Only JR man.