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No Disrespect To Tyson Fury But The Battle At Kruger Is The Greatest Fight Of My Life

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We talked about animals this week on the Snake Draft and I'd be remiss not to run back on of the all time great moments in internet history: The Battle of Kruger. In just 8 minutes you'll find out why the Cape Buffalo is in the Top 5 of Big Game African Hunting alongside the Rhino, Lion, Elephant and Leopard. A bunch of sexy names but people have no idea this guy is out here lurking and fucking up crocodiles and lions. 

I was so close to taking CB in the 5th round but ultimately went a different direction for a stronger board. I needed a big African species and ended up taking the 4-seam fastball thinking honorable mention would give me my platform for the cape. Then we get to Mr. Irrelevant and I basically cum myself. Those are the extent of your spoilers before I prompt you to the video. 

Go watch or listen to the draft. Sydnie makes her 2nd appearance. You get to learn more about the weird brains behind us. Billy Football makes his debut. Blah blah blah. Go listen to the draft or we all lose our jobs. 

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