Brandon Crawford's Incredible Catch In the 7th Inning Helps Put The Giants One Win Away From The NLCS

Every time I think that Gabe Kapler's team is going to break, they find a way to grind it out. It all seemed prepped for the Dodgers to take control in this game. Max Scherzer was brilliant, and even though he left the game with his team trailing, it seemed like the Dodgers were all set to take over in the bottom of the seventh-inning two runners on and one of the best players in baseball in Mookie Betts. He roped a line drive that was headed for left field. Brandon Crawford had other ideas. 

If this Giants team goes on to win the World Series, they will be showing this catch at Oracle Park for the next 50 years. The 34-year-old shortstop has probably made more impressive plays during his career (he does have 3 Gold Gloves, after all), but I can't think of any play he's made that was more important. 

I've probably spent way too much time this year trying to figure out when the magic pixie dust is going to wear off for this year's Giants. I'm starting to think that day might never come. They've indeed seen resurgent years by a lot of veterans, but you know what? They pitch well,  and they have a balanced lineup and a solid manager who has pulled all the right strings so far in this series. Have they had some good fortune? Absolutely, but you don't want 107 games on accident. They've made their own luck.

The  Giants now find themselves one win away from getting over what many people believed to be their biggest hurdle. They have faced Walker Buehler and Max Scherzer in this series. They have beaten them both. I still see this series going the distance. It's not over until it's over, but Crawford's catch felt like a signature moment for a team that's already had plenty.