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An Evan Longoria Bomb, Incredible Pitching, And Some Crazy Wind Have The Giants One Win Away From Eliminating The Dodgers

Gina Ferazzi. Getty Images.

Giants 1 Dodgers 0

Max Scherzer on the bump with home field swung back in the Dodgers favor. For the 100th time this season the San Francisco Giants stared down insurmountable doubt only to pie every doubter the world had to offer in the face. They just don't care what your narrative is, what your prediction is, who you have starting, it's irrelevant to their plan. They just keep coming. 

Tonight all that was needed against Scherzer and the Dodgers was one run and it came off the bat of 36 year old Evan Longoria. 

2021 and Longo is still doing damage in big moments. Of course he is. Aside from that bomb Scherzer was basically untouchable. In October one swing sometimes is all that matters. 7 IP 3h 1er 10k 1bb. Mad Max was dealing Monday night and the Giants still found a way. 

Alex Wood, Tyler Rogers, Jake McGee, and Camilo Doval combined to shutout this ever-so dangerous Dodgers lineup tonight in LA. They were nails and got some big help on defense when they needed it most. Maybe none more important than in the 7th inning with Mookie up and runners on 1st and 2nd. Brandon Crawford would have none of it. 

Phenomenal catch. The Dodgers never really threatened again until the final batter when Gavin Lux put a drive into one to deep left center. Off the bat the Dodgers infielder thought he had tied the game and honestly if not for the crazy wind in LA Monday night he probably would have. 

the new poster boy of disbelief


Been a big few days for pro athletes who thought for sure they got one. 

To be fair if not for the wind that I previously mentioned, Lux likely does tie the game with that swing. He crushed this pitch. 

Weird night in LA with the wind, but that's Giants baseball in 2021. They have mastered all the sorcery, all the spells, all the magic. Those bastards have found a way to bring the Bay Area wind with them to Los Angeles. They're now one win away from dispelling the Dodgers who they've heard all year long were going to take them out of the NL West lead. Scherzer has been burned, so it's going to take some crazy effort to do away with them over the next two. None of it makes sense, but at the same time with the Giants it's perfectly logical. Game 4 Tuesday night, cannot wait. Anthony DeSclafini vs. undecided for LA. 

P.S. Camilo Doval is the best pitcher you've never heard of since he pitches on the west coast


Filthy is an understatement. Dude's a monster. Him, McGee and Rogers combine to terrorize teams in the back end of that pen.