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Imagine Showing Up To A Softball Game And Vlad Guerrero Jr. Is On The Other Team Hitting Mammoth Tanks

What does Vladdy Jr. do when his team is out of the playoff and he's fresh off a 48-homer season? He heads to his local DR softball field and still hits TANKS. I imagine this is like my Sunday night slow pitch league at Cedar Lane. Show up to the field 30 min before, get some throws in, stretch, and check out the other team to see what you're going against. And then you look up and see Vladimir Guerrero Jr. sending balls into the neighboring timezone. What a terrifying moment that must be for the other team. Why even have a guy play third? That ball is going right through him if it's hit there. You think they have a home run limit in the league too? I hope they have plenty of balls because Guerrero is going to go through a lot of them. What a terrifying scene this must be when he steps in the box, pray for the left side of that infield and anyone who lives in a 3 mile radius of that ballpark.