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Gary Payton Having To Explain Why He's Called "The Glove" Makes Me Feel Old As Shit

Aging sucks. There's really no two ways about it. From both a physical and mental standpoint that shit is for the birds. I'm not even that old in the grand scheme of life (34) but watching that clip made me feel like I was no younger than 95 years old. Now I get it, the majority of those kids most definitely were not alive even when Gary Payton retired back in 2007. That was another lifetime ago so I won't hold it against them for not knowing why Payton is "The Glove". They are there to make a commercial not an NBA history lesson but that still doesn't mean it's not crazy to see. You sometimes forget how much of the younger generation doesn't really give a shit what happened in the NBA before they were born.

You know how sometimes you're watching college sports and you see all these athletic freaks dominate and it makes you feel old because once upon a time you were that same age? That's how this video made me feel. We're so old there is literally a generation of NBA fans who have no idea Gary Payton is The Glove or what that even means. 

This man

Arguably the greatest on ball defender from the point guard position the league has ever seen. The only point guard to ever win DPOY in the history of the league. He's also responsible for this fantastic moment that we all got during quarantine

I can't lie, that's depressing. I will say there was that one kid that looked a little older who almost couldn't believe the man that was talking to him was that good at basketball. Gary Payton!! Throwing out the idea that he's actually The Glove because he has a big head. Ruthless. 

I'm honestly surprised Payton took it easy on these kids when they made it clear they had no fucking idea who this man was or why he was even important. Remember, if there's one thing Payton does better than defense it's talk shit

No chance a young Gary Payton lets those kids off the hook. I guess he's getting a little softer with age which is certainly sad to see. The Gary Payton I know and love is a psycho who never let anything slide.

What's next, these kids won't know why Robert Horry is called Big Shot Rob? Or who Lil Penny is and why he's in the commercial? Who the weird old guy is that won't stop talking to them about taking acid and going to Grateful Dead concerts? Man are we old.