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Hands Down The Scariest Video On The Internet: KGB Operative Gives Interview In 1985 About How Russia Manipulates American Public Opinion

A 13 minute video that is worth watching the entire way through, but even if you only watch the first part because the Russians have nuked our brains it should still scare the shit out of you. 

Ho hum...just 85% of the KGB budget and efforts were dedicated to "ideological subversion". This is one of those things that can get you ALLLL TWISTED UP in your own brain if you think about it too hard. Is the cultural subversion the things we are seeing out there in front of our face that seem absurd and insane on the surface or is that what the Russians WANT us to think? And on and on it goes. This was from 1985 thought. Long before the internet was widely in use, long before a horny Zuckerberg created facebook, and well before Jack could grow a beard or get his nose pierced at Clare's. They must've been licking their chops when they realized the power of social media to put out information. Just able to hammer and sickle our brains at warp speed. It's impossible to know who is right and who is wrong or what is true. It's kind of why I just focus on myself these days and try to crystalize what is actually important to me as an individual and the only principle that I can really point to is telling the truth as best I can. I'll get things wrong. I do that all the time, but I try to never get things wrong intentionally. Not a bad place to start. 

As for this video. I don't know. Make up your own mind, but it made my eyes go wide.