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What Might Have Been in the WSOP $1500 Millionaire Maker

After busting Day 1A of WSOP $1500 Millionaire Maker on a rough beat, I fired Day 1B on Saturday to get vengeance.

After watching Ole Miss thrilling 52-51 win over Arkansas, I registered for the tourney a couple of hours late with 25,000 chips at 2-400 level.

The tournament boasted a $1500 buyin and guarantees $1 million for first. I lost a pot early with AK of hearts against KQ when the flop came Q high. I hung around the next couple of hours with between 10-18k stack and was card dead.

Finally I went all in with K8 out of small blind on a steal and big blind called me with A7 clubs. I flopped an 8 and was back in business! Need to win a hand like that here and there to win a poker tournament.

The next key hand, a player raised 2500 and I went all in with JJ for 18,000 chips. He called with KJ and I held to get up to around 40,000.

I later called a 10,700 chip all in with AJ and lost the flip to 10s to go back to 30k chips.

My table broke a little bit before dinner break and I got moved to the Brasilia Room. I always like playing in there because it feels special with the lighting that you used to see on ESPN. Maybe that’s just me.

I won two pots immediately at new table (AJ on A high flop, K10 on K high flop) and got my stack above 50,000 going to dinner break. I also re raised pre flop once with 102 of Hearts and opponent instantly folded. When I am making moves like that, I know I am getting down and playing well!

The second hand back from dinner break I looked down at AK in the small blind. An aggressive player raised 3200 and the button called. I re raised to 13,100 out of small blind. The aggressive guy went all in for 53,000 and I snap called.

I was racing against pocket Jacks for a whopping 110,000 chips at the 1200 level. If I won this flip it was freaking on but it was not meant to be as the board ran out 9 high and I hit the showers.

Not gonna lie, I was bummed after I lost that big race. I was feeling a run in that damn tourney. I also want to do well for the Stoolies badly to prove why the WSOP and poker are awesome.

Trip Update:

I have cashed 2 of the 5 WSOP events I have played and have felt good about my game in all tourneys except the $1500 6 max Thursday.

Thanks to the Stoolies for the support. I can def feel the love for the Return Of The Destroyer!

I am trying hard to make the poler lingo understandable for everyone to follow. If you have any questions, please DM me @BarstoolMintzy on Twitter or Instagram.

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Yesterday, I was hanging out at the Poker Go tailgate with Brent Hanks to watch Sunday Night Football and none other than Kid Poker himself Daniel Negreanu showed up. He was rocking a sweet old school Bruce Smith Buffalo Bills jersey too.

Negreanu was kind enough to give us a couple minutes of his time for a Mintzy Minute interview.



When I was learning the game in 2004, I read his Full Contact Poker Blogs all of the time. They had a big influence on me. He has been a great ambassador for poker and is approachable by poker fans. I def geeked out some getting to hang out with him.


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