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Incredible Video Of A Kid Getting Hit Sticked 20 Yards Through The Air

I let out an audible, girlish shriek when I first saw this video as if I was about to eat a tarantula on Lowering The Bar (coming this Thursday). I'm always weary of using the "Must Watch" tag around these parts because it's such a hot button issue. But I personally would label this a must watch video. I'm going around the office showing this to everyone just to get their raw reactions. It's like a drug to me. That's the most vicious hit these eyes have ever seen. I've never seen someone go flying through the air like that. 

I thought for a second this video had to be fake. Had to be CGI or something. But I really don't think it is. Some comments were saying it was real and they saw it happen live in North Carolina. And we all know you're not allowed to lie in an Internet comment section. So I'm choosing to believe in something and will hope it's real. 

Also shoutout to the kid for popping rick back up. Like nothing even happened. Had no clue it was captured on video and will be viewed by millions. Still got the heart of a champion though.