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We May Have Seen JuJu's Last Down As A Steeler

So turns out he didn't have surgery, but his season is over. What a bummer. Just as the Steelers offense felt like it's starting to put it together and figure their shit out you lose a reliable cog in the wheel in JuJu. 

He hasn't scored yet this year. The stats don't say much. But he's consistently been the go-to guy on 3rd downs for Big Ben, and he's easily the physically toughest receiver on the squad. He's had a rough go. Constantly Pittsburgh's punching bag because of his off the field personality and the fact that he TikToks just like 80% of the rest of the NFL. Now this. With him only signing the one-year deal this last offseason it feels like his time with the Steelers has come to an end. 

Thank god those fake(?) but maybe true(?) rumors from training camp about James Washington asking for a trade didn't happen. I still feel pretty damn good lining up Diontae Johnson, Claypool, and James Washington at receiver. Perhaps Claypool goes inside like JuJu typically was and we get some juicy matchups with the athletic freak of nature that Claypool is. Still, a bummer of bummers for JuJu who was eyeing a big payday after this year. And it kinda goes with how this Steelers has played out so far - take one step forward followed by at least one step back.