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White Sox Dave Was Right...

..... about Emily Elizabeth being the hottest Instagram model on the planet right now. 

My goodness gracious. Credit to White Sox Dave for being on top of the Emily Elizabeth beat for awhile now. 

I have only found about her somewhat recently but I'm ready to declare her the hottest woman on the planet. Not just the hottest Instagram model. The hottest girl on the planet. And this is coming from the man who ran the Barstool Smokeshows account for 3 years and saw his fair share of hot girls. But Emily Elizabeth is in a league of her own. Quite literally perfect. She's so hot that I'll actually like her pictures because I can't stop myself. I usually think guys who like pictures of random Instagram models they don't know are weirdos because like what's the point? But I simply can't stop my thumb from double tapping her posts. I lost control of my motor functions. Human nature just takes over. 

I mean come on….

I genuinely don't know where to stop. I keep thinking I've embedded enough but then I scroll through her page and I'm like "Well I HAVE to include this one." 

So congrats to Emily Elizabeth on officially being the hottest woman on the planet. And congrats to White Sox Dave for being early on the bandwagon.