If We Don't Get A Chris Berman A "2-Minute Minor" Segment During NHL Broadcasts, Then What Was This All For?

Hand up, I totally overlooked the fact that ESPN getting the broadcasting rights to the NHL again means that we'd get a chance to hear Boomer talk some puck. I was excited for Bucci. I knew that getting more Barry Melrose would be great. Heck, I was even pumped about getting Stephen A Smith to become a hockey guy. 

Somehow it just never dawned on me that Boomer would be a part of the package as well. It's like finding a $20 bill in your jacket pocket. 

Now I'm not in the business of giving people some incredible business ideas for free. Especially not when it comes to the worldwide leader. But I'm a hockey fan first and foremost. And if there's one thing that hockey fans all across this great nation of ours deserve, it's a "2-Minute Minor" with Chris Berman. 

Yes, I'm aware that the 2-Minute Drill and Fastest 3 Minutes are different things. But could you imagine getting Boomer talking about Sid The Kid and Phil The Thrill for two minutes every night in the NHL while this track is blaring in the background?

Give me a "he could go…all…the…way" every time Connor McDavid turns a defender's ankles into dust. Give me a "whoop" every time Patrick Kane dangles a goalie's brain into bolivian. A "tick tick tick tick" every time a team pulls the goalie before scoring in the final minute of regulation. 

Again, I hate that I'm putting this idea out there for free. But if we don't get a 2-Minute Minor with Chris Berman then I really don't understand what the point of giving ESPN the broadcasting rights to the NHL was. 

P.S. - Never in my life have I heard anybody call Brett Hull "The Golden Brett". Maybe I was just too young for most of his career to remember, but that was legitimately the first time I ever heard that one.