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Putting Mayo In Coffee, Eating Bananas Like A Lunatic - Let Will Levis Do Whatever The Hell He Wants To Keep UK Undefeated

I don't know if there are some sort of special powers eating bananas like this or putting mayo in your coffee. I'm a simple man. I drink coffee and there are bananas in my house. There's even mayo in my house. But that's all irrelevant because Kentucky is 6-0, number 11 in the country and Will Levis is fucking good. 

And now the biggest game yet. Georgia, the 3:30 CBS game. Fire up the greatest football theme song. 

I was there when Kentucky beat Georgia in 06 and jump started Rich Brooks having some success. 

We need that here because this could be an SEC East title. That's damn right, we're talking division title. I don't care if the Barstool Sportsbook barely gives us a chance. 

This Kentucky team is different. I tried telling everyone that in the offseason. The change really was made a few years ago when Kentucky had a chance to beat Georgia in Lexington and go to the SEC title game. This year it's run game, Wan'Dale Robinson as a playmaker, one of the best offensive lines in the country and Liam Coen. The offensive coordinator who we stole from the Rams and my soon to be best friend has completely changed the offense. 

One game. One massive, massive game. It's going to take them being perfect, not exactly a secret here. So let Will Levis do whatever the fuck he wants. Shirley Temples? So be it. 

There is truly nothing like watching your team be good at football. Unreal experience at the stadium and around campus at all times. The air feels a bit fresher. There's hope all around. We have that in Lexington. One game.