White Sox vs. Astros "Fuck John Cusack" Live Blog Is LIVE!!!!!

White Sox fans showed the FUCK UP yesterday. Most insane atmosphere I've ever been to for any sport and it's not close. Even that rat faced weasel Marty Mush agreed. 40,000+ INSANE White Sox fans doing their best to make the Astros shit down their legs. Oh, and the game was a total beat down too. 5-1 was scary, not gonna lie, but after Leury Legend went peace out, there was no way the Sox were gonna let Houston crawl back into that one.

Let's run back that EXACT same energy today. Not sure if the rain is going to hold off, but let's get to a game 5, huh? Goddamnit that was fun. 


Catch ya'll for the post game, SOX IN FUCKING 5