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TikToker Wants To Know If Hootie Remembers Hooking Up With Her Mom In The 90s

26 years ago my mom went to the Illinois state fair to see Hootie and the Blowfish. Darius chose her out of everyone in the crowd and gave her back stage passes. She has told me so many stories of going back and meeting back up with him at concerts. She still to this day thinks he will remember her. Her name is Catina. Help me tag him so he sees this!

Since being posted two days ago the video has racked up over 1.5M views & has 3K comments & counting. A few worth highlighting: 

Rodney Atkins has toured with Darius Rucker, so I'm guessing if they're getting a kick out of this they get the vibe Rucker will feel the same. I say this because some commenters were lamenting, "Way to blow up his spot!"… but I don't think anyone would be scandalized to find out members of one of the most popular bands of the 90s were clappin' cheeks. (Personal note, I remember getting dropped off at my grandparent's for the night when my parents + all the adults in my neighborhood crammed into a van & went to Hootie's Cracked Rear View Tour in '95. By all accounts that leaked out over the years it was a blackout-shambles night for many involved.) (What I'm trying to say is, Hootie was simply a fuckin' party.) 

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People were also concerned about the TikTokker, Karlie, bringing her mom shame, but if I were a Hootie groupie in the 90s & had hooked up with him I'd be wearing that story like a badge of honor. Fly a banner with my face saying, "Ask Me About The Time I Banged Hootie!" up and down the Jersey shore for all I care. Plus it was 26 years ago and I believe 7 years is the cutoff for post-hookup embarrassment, not that there should be any. After all, tomorrow's just another day, and I don't believe in time.

Among the themes of his own TikTok, Rucker does commentary on fan videos, jam sessions & 'story times' where he shares old tales from the road. He appears to have a pretty great sense of humor & tons of people are tagging him on behalf of old flame Catina & her daughter, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a fun response from him at some point. In the meantime he's also going viral on his own with over 1M views on the video below. Every time I think I can't like him any more…