It's ACTUALLY Happening - We Got JR Smith Piping A Drive During His First Ever Collegiate Tournament After Qualifying By 1 Stroke

Oh hell yeah. JR Smith making his first ever collegiate golf tournament by one stroke and immediately tweeting out the Tiger gif is why this needs to happen more often. Hell, let JR live tweet his round. Need to know his immediate thoughts after he hooks one or misses a putt. Let's just see him be like us. Nothing like a putt stopping by the cup only for you to give a couple freak out moments. That's what golf is about. Threatening to quit, hating how you play the game only to par 18 and come back for more. Every single time. 

I still can't get over this story. A multi-millionaire who won multiple NBA championships decided to go back to college AND play golf. That's a movie. I'm pretty sure that movie has been pitched over and over again. Throw in the fact that it's JR Smith, one of the most quotable, meme NBA players of this era and it makes it even better. I'm still more in shock the NCAA is letting him do this. They hate fun, they hate good stories. I assumed they would have said he made too much money or something. 

Here's where we are currently at 

I really need JR Smith to win an event. Please we all deserve it at this point. The man is live tweeting his college experience, now give us a golf title.